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I have nothing to add today except speculation but boy is it tasty.  We learned some time ago that Peter Dinklage had been added to the cast of Avengers: Infinity War but there had been no word as to who he was portraying.  Initial rumors that he was to play M.O.D.O.K. turned out to be just that, rumors.  Now, some folks are putting it about that he is to voice the character Arsenal.  However…..

The word last week was that Mr. Dinklage was seen sporting a red hairdo.  Now, this might not have anything at all to do with the MCEU but my ganglia are twitching with the possibilities?

Don’t tell me they’re going to hide this pretty face behind some mo-cap bullshit.


Could Peter Dinklage be playing everyone’s favorite space troll, Pip?  I know it seems unlikely that the Russo Brothers would be introducing the character of Pip before James Gunn introduces Adam Warlock but hey, a cephalopod can dream, can’t he?


While we’re on the subject of unsubstantiated rumors, the buzz is going around that the lovely Eva Green has been signed on the QT to portray Thanos’ paramour, Death in the MCEU.  As much as I (and every other fanboy out there who got a funny feeling watching her in Penny Dreadful) wants this to be true, thus far this is nothing more than wishful thinking.  Of course, it was this kind of wishful thinking and internet rumor mongering that got Vin Diesel the role of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.  So don’t give up hope just yet.  In fact, if you feel strongly about it, start campaigning Marvel to make it happen.  The fans didn’t get their way with Katee Sackhoff but that’s no reason to stop being pests.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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