Merciful Hera, Wonder Woman Is A Triumph

She did not come here to talk about her feelings.

In less than an hour, I’m heading out the door for a much-needed trip to Norway, via Copenhagen.  Soon, I will be foundering on crabs in the Land of The Ice and Snow, assuming I don’t fall off of a fjord.  But before I leave, let me exhort you, each and every one, to rush out to see Wonder Woman.*  Do it now, catch the matinée!  Take a friend!  Take three!


Seriously, I don’t have time to review the film but director Patty Jenkins has given us pretty much everything we have been hoping for.  The script is excellent and the cast is having an obvious ball.  Gal Gadot (Diana/Wonder Woman) is utterly charming and sells the fish-out-of-water naiveté without making it hokey.  She’s is also properly intense when she needs to express Diana’s disgust and frustration with mankind’s inhumanity.  Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) has never been better.  His disarming charm and smarminess are never overdone.  Together, they have wonderful chemistry.  The rest of the cast is a treat.  Everyone is obviously having a great time.

You and what army, Fritz?

I can’t recommend this enough.  The villains are despicable.  The heroes are heroic…just for the sake of being heroic.  The Sturm und Drang is ratcheted way down (for a DC flick, anyway).  And the sun even comes out for a few scenes.  Yeah, sure, they steal a little too much from Captain America: The First Avenger…and they spent way more time talking about Zeus than they did about Hera or Athene, but who gives a rat’s ass?  This film is fun.  And that is what has been lacking in the DC universe thus far.  Two thumbs way up.  Like up into Dan Didio’s eye sockets and into his brain pan.

Go thou and see this!

Do it!


*I’m hoping Hunter will give this film the review it merits while I am off traipsing around Scandinavia.



Asses will be kicked.


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