Saviturd (Spoiler Free…Mostly)

Despite the not too subtle Doctor Who joke, the season finale of The Flash had several plot points that leave me grousing.  I know, you’re all shocked, right?  Not so much that I couldn’t enjoy it, but come on, how hard is it to write with a tiny smidgen of logic?  I’ll start with the first and most glaring one…

  • Savitar’s plan is complete foo.  He obviously hasn’t thought it through, despite having centuries in which to do so.  OK, how did he become Savitar in the first place?  By getting all butthurt when his friends abandoned him.  So now, his ultimate plan is to split himself infinitely throughout time so he can become a god?  As the man said, “That dog won’t hunt”.  With his weak psyche, he would be obliterated by the experience.  Becoming one with the fullness of eternity, from the Big Bang to the end of time would drive him mad in about a nanosecond.  In the next instant, his ego and sense of self would collapse into nothingness.  Left without those, he would dissipate through time like a popcorn fart on a cosmic wind.  A truly shitty plan.
  • Next, how does Savitar put on a seven-foot tall suit of armor and then proceed to outrun all the speedsters in the world, including himself, who are running unencumbered?  Hear that ringing?  That’s your bullshit alert.
  • Lastly, and this is a fine point.  Savitar is shown running full speed through a forest with The Flash and The Flash in hot pursuit.  He extends his arm blades and severs two trees.  The trees fall and nearly crush our stalwart heroes.  Again, bullshit.  At the speeds they were traveling, the trees would not even have begun to fall before the two speedsters had passed them.  A dramatic bit of action made a bit less so by pesky physics.
  • Finally, why the hell didn’t the intrepid Mr. Allen scoop up his stricken loved one and run with them to a critical care center?  That death scene took forever and, as we saw later in the episode, Barry is quite capable of sprinting with an adult in his arms if he has too.  Drama.


My makeup is better than Savitar’s but next year we seriously need a bigger wig budget.




Aside from that, though, I have enjoyed this season, mostly.  Berlanti’s need to manufacture melodrama does get tedious after a while but the cast on this show is so likable they almost always rise above.  Anyway, enough bitching for now………except to say that Savitar’s makeup looked like that fake puke you buy at the novelty store.  Also, the reveal of who was actually inside the Savitar armor was about as shocking as finding out that Cumberbatch was actually playing Khan.  Also, kudos for having the courage to kill off a major character…..and then replace them with the same actor 10 minutes later. Drama.



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