Captains Courageous

The Chinese curse has come true, we do, in fact, live in interesting times.

A while back I predicted that Misty Knight would soon be picking up Sam Wilson’s shield to become the new, and truly bad ass, Captain America.  Now I’m not just auguring it, I’m demanding it.  The time has come for a battalion of Captains to take to the streets (figuratively) and to the pages of Marvel Comics (literally).  Now, more than any time since the sixties, America needs heroes of every color; standard bearers to show children that they are not powerless, overlooked minorities.  I said it before but it bears repeating, every child deserves a Captain America that looks like them.

Seemingly overnight, soulless hate mongers have found an avenue to power and they are not the least bit hesitant to use it.  They will stop at nothing to achieve their ultimate, abhorrent and monstrous goals.  The first step in their game plan is to divide us by color, creed and any other difference they can parse.  We are weaker that way.  If they can keep us fearing and fighting each other, we won’t notice what is going on behind the curtain.  I say, “Fuck that noise!”  We must unite as a nation in the face of hate.  The Arts have always been at the forefront of political struggle and, like it or not, comics are part of the family of The Arts.  Maybe a disreputable cousin, to be sure but still part of the family.

Misty Knight is not to be trifled with.

Comic books have always been a source of inspiration for the young and the young at heart.  Tell me, who is more inspiring than Captain America?  Not even Superman has his credentials.  The 98lb weakling who risked everything for a chance to do some real good.  The unflinching, unfaltering hero who never gives up and never compromises on what’s right.  These ideas may seem corny in the age of Zack Snyder, but at this juncture, we really need inspiration.  We need Captain America.  No, we need an army of Captains.

Maddy Cho will mesmerize you with her big, throbbing brain.

While we’re at it, why not make it Multiculturepalooza?  Let’s have Maddy Cho be the one who cracks the Super-Soldier formula.  She can give it to Misty Knight to make her what she always should have been, a real superhero.  While Maddy is at it, she might as well inject herself.  What the hell?  Why not a young, Asian-American woman as a Captain America?  We could have a whole legion of Captains America.  There certainly is no shortage of days that need saving and no shortage of children who need inspiring.

I’m certainly not suggesting getting rid of Steve Rogers.  The sooner this detestable Cosmic Cube storyline is done, the better.  Steve has always been an inspiration and I hope he always will be.  But these are serious times, the nation is divided in a very real way.  Only those of us old enough to remember the Nixon years have a grasp on what this kind of ugliness can do to the country.  We need symbols of hope.  Hope actually can change things.  If it didn’t we wouldn’t still be telling stories.

Anyway, that’s my take on it.  Who else do you think is worthy of a shield?  Who else in the Marvel Universe would make a fitting symbol?  Let’s hear your suggestions.  The time is ripe.  Let’s do this thing.

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