2016 sucked.

Apropos of nothing, here are my predictions for 2017.

  • Misty Knight will be the new Captain America.
  • By July, DC will be making noises about rebooting one of their major characters yet again.
  • Bruce Banner will come back from the dead…again.
  • Thanos will continue to be overused.
  • Amadeus Cho will continue to be a tool.
  • Moon Knight will continue to be brilliant…and then be cancelled.
  • Doctor Strange will be cancelled by October.
  • Kamala Khan will experience violent prejudice first hand.  My money says her brother gets attacked or imprisoned.
  • Chris Pine will get nearly twice as much dialog as Gal Gadot.
  • One or more of the Nuhumans will die.
  • A fistful of background mutants will die.
  • Amongst much fanfare, The Fantastic Four will return in their own title.  The writing will probably blow and Reed will behave like an arch-prick.
  • Riri Williams will die or at least wind up crippled.
  • Tony Stark will fall off the wagon.
  • The Avengers will be forced to subdue (and quite possibly kill) a drunken Hercules.
  • A storyline in Captain America: Sam Wilson will generate heretofore unseen amounts of hate mail (ironically boosting its sales).
  • Greg Berlanti will kill (and then resurrect) at least one character on all four of his DC shows.

I feel pretty safe in these assumptions.  If you have predictions, let us know.


Peace, R.T.

R T Kraken!

Prior to becoming a professional curmudgeon and the Scourge of the Northern seas, R.T. Kraken worked as an artist and a photographer. He has been an avid comic book fan since he was spawned as well as an insufferable know-it-all.
He also sings for the Supra-70s band, RIFLE.
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