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If you aren’t reading Steve Rogers: CAPTAIN AMERICA, you probably should be.  Like many of you, I was incensed at the whole “Cap is an agent of HYDRA switcheroo.  Initially, I thought, as did everyone else, that it was just a cheap publicity stunt. Well of course it was!  Happily, it is so much more.

In the hands of Nick Spencer* (words) and Javier Pina (pictures), this title is not just a joy to read but a feast for the eyes.  Taut storytelling and crisp, vibrant visuals are the norm here. Of late, Marvel has, for the most part, been bringing their A game where art is concerned.  But Cap’s book has a lot more than just visuals to recommend it.

The book started off in a worrisome direction.  Cap had been retconned by the Cosmic cube into being HYDRA’s greatest asset.  It seemed kind of facile but I gave it a chance even though it irked me mightily to see Steve Rogers making his obeisance to the Red Skull. Steve Rogers, a toady?  Even as a bad guy this was hard to swallow.  Well, it turns out that in any reality, Steve Rogers is a force to be reckoned with.  His bowing and scraping is all a ruse.  Cap is out to overthrow the Red Skull and take control of HYDRA (and the world) for himself.  It seems that Steve doesn’t think Herr Schmidt is philosophically true to HYDRA’s principles.  Even when he’s a scumbag murderer Steve insists on being true to his principles.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what Cap would be like as a villain, now is your chance to find out.  He still has all the cunning, savvy and experience that we are accustomed to.  Now he is using it against pretty much the entire Marvel universe…and it’s creepy as fuck. Most importantly, it’s either stale nor boring.

Do yourself a favor and jump on this smoke wagon.  The story is only 6 issues deep so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting caught.  On top of that, it meshes integrally with Civil War II.  Yeah, I know you said you weren’t going to get sucked in and follow Marvel’s latest multi-crossover-scamfest.  How’s that working out for you?

Anyway, that’s just my opinion, but I’m always right.  Mostly.


*Back in May I said some unpleasant things about Nick Spencer.  I was wrong.  He actually IS clever and I’m enjoying the hell out of his run on Steve Rogers: CAPTAIN AMERICA.  Even if I do ache to see Steve return to being a good guy. …eventually.





Marvel has cancelled A-Force after a meager ten issue run.  That’s a damn shame.  This book was full of fun characters and camaraderie.  It was a treat to see Queen Medusa let her hair down, so to speak.  And Singularity is the
best new Marvel character since Kamala Khan.  I hope she winds up somewhere worthwhile with a decent writer.  I’d hate like hell to see her turned into some sort of lesbian-teen-fanboy-spank-target. Anyway, I’ll miss this title more than I thought I would.  I’ll have my eyes open for whatever Kelly Thompson and/or G. Willow Wilson put their hands to next.











When and where will Hercules show up now that Marvel has let his title quietly die?  He was last seen falling off the wagon.  Hopefully, he will turn up full of booze and tears of recrimination.  I imagine he will be a handful when he does. Definitely a tough blow for writer, Dan Abnett.  Hercules was obviously a labor of love for him. hercules_7

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