Guess What Rears Its Ugly Head…Yet Again


So, if you’re ever in Altoona and you just happen to be a racist….

Or you’re NOT really a racist, you just like racist jokes and everybody else is too thin skinned and needs to lighten up…

Or you just like keeping your money with the locals…who happen to be maybe…I don’t no…racist?

Then you just might like spending your filthy lucre at Excalibur Collectables.

Please note, nowhere in this post did I actually say that anyone involved with (or owning) Excalibur Collectables was actually a racist so this post is in no way actionable.  But, if that doesn’t satisfy, then here is a disclaimer: THIS POST IS INTENDED AS A WORK OF SATIRE AND NO ACTUAL MALICE SHOULD NOR CAN BE INFERRED FROM IT.


Now, here is a picture of a kitten.juliet


R T Kraken!

Prior to becoming a professional curmudgeon and the Scourge of the Northern seas, R.T. Kraken worked as an artist and a photographer. He has been an avid comic book fan since he was spawned as well as an insufferable know-it-all.
He also sings for the Supra-70s band, RIFLE.
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