The Color Stupid

I keep trying to explain to my stepson that prejudice is the product of ignorance, not stupidity.  It’s a Sisyphean task because bigots all look like numbskulls to him.  This month I have had to throw up my hands and watch all of my progress slide right down the shitter. Twitter has spoken and it seems that the Cracker Nation has a voice that is clear and strong…and undeniably stupid.

Luke Cage, Marvel’s latest offering on Netflix has been an unqualified success.  At one point the demand for downloads actually overwhelmed the server and, as they say, “broke the internet”.  The show also served to drive all of the peckerwoods, closet klansters and “I’m-not-racist-but” asswipes from their man caves (read parent’s basements) and out into the light of day where we could read their benighted opinions on the matter.  The results were alternately nauseating and hilarious.

These lily-white lunkheads seemed genuinely surprised that a show about a black superhero living in a predominately black neighborhood should be so…dare I say it…black.  Who the fuck did they think Luke Cage was, Mary Poppins?  These imbeciles criticized the music (too black) the cast (too black) the crew (too black) the themes (way too black) ad nauseam.   While others were saluting Marvel for putting the show in the hands of African American creators who gave it timely, relevant themes, these troglodytic fuckwits whined that there weren’t enough white faces to be seen. Rather than waste a lot of verbiage on these doltish dopes, I’ll just let you read what they had to say.






Being this stupid should hurt.  I’m serious, anybody this goddamn ignorant ought to come with a warning label.  Better yet, warning lights and a siren.  Alack a day, it actually got worse.  Observe, gentle reader.


And my mind numbing favorite....
And my mind numbing favorite….





There’s no point in addressing these staggeringly stupid comments.  Just point at them, have a good laugh and wait for the sands of time to swallow these mouth breathers up.  It has to happen someday.  In the meantime, if you haven’t already watched Luke Cage, do so.  Do it now.  Get off your computer and fire up the Netflix.   The show has received almost universally good reviews and for good reasons.  It’s thoughtful, well-written, timely and provocative.   The cast (Tom Colter, Simone Missick, Alfre Woodard, Mahershala Ali, Rosario Dawson, Erik LaRay Harvey, Theo Rossi) is wonderful and none of them ham it up (well, maybe Erik LaRay Harvey just a little bit) or chew on the scenery.  The music kicks ass as well.  Yes, it’s true, the story is set in Harlem.  It’s also true that there are damn few white characters on the show.  If that’s an issue for you then don’t watch.  You’ll only be cheating yourself.

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