You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down

After petitions, Twitter activism and much hand-wringing, it was announced that Peggy Carter, our favorite SSR Agent and founder of SHIELD, will be returning to television. But in a way no one would have expected.

agent carter 01Disney and Marvel have released news of a single-episode appearance of Agent Carter in the animated series Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’s fourth season, entitled Avengers: Secret Wars. While there are not many details, it’s been revealed that she and Howard Stark (sadly, no Jarvis) will guest star in an episode described as “past and present collide” when Carter and Stark team up with Iron Man and Captain America to fight Kang the Conqueror.

I haven’t even told you the best part yet.

Agent Carter will be voiced by none other than Hayley Atwell.

It’s not a new season of her eponymous show, but apparently Marvel has finally come to know her value.

I couldn’t be more excited about this unless she were to show up on my doorstep to spirit me off onto one of her adventures.

As Stan Lee says, Excelsior!

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Hunter S Kittenn

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