Too Heavy A Mantle

Marvel has had a string of victories, lately, in the Diversity War.  Ms. Marvel, with its plucky heroine Kamala Khan, has been an unqualified success, both commercially and critically.  The Ultimates continue to plow deeper into the regions of Ditko Space with nary a white male among the crew.  Jane Foster is still doing a bang up job as The Mighty Thor. Ta-Nehisi Coates’s new Black Panther is showing real promise and Power Man and Iron Fist hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back.  But the title that had the biggest hype, the loudest fanfare and highest hopes, Captain America: Sam Wilson has, alas, failed to deliver.

Actually, that statement is neither fair nor accurate.  The book is just fine.  Nick Spencer’s scripts are more than adequate.  It’s Sam Wilson who isn’t making the grade.  To be blunt, he’s a lackluster, mopey, self-involved, unmotivated lump.  Sure, he’s brave and dutiful and all that other hero junk but he constantly needs Misty Knight kicking him up the ass just to keep him moving forward.

Steve Rogers’ goofy red buccaneer boots were always going to be big shoes to fill.  All of us knew going in that Sam would have apprehensions and would, no doubt, need the occasional pep talk. Does Sam really need a heart-to-heart sit down every issue?  Cheese and Rice!  I’m tired of watching Misty gather up his game pieces.  Sam Wilson is a great guy, a team player and a true hero but the mantle of Captain America is just crushing him into powder.  Maybe Steve should have passed the shield to James Rhodes.  Perhaps then Commander Rhodes wouldn’t be dead and Sam would not have embarrassed himself by co-opting Rhodey’s funeral when he was supposed to be giving a eulogy.  Did I mention he was self-involved?tumblr_o0zn6sAPec1u496xso1_500

So, what happens when you have a decent book but the main character can’t really hold the reader’s interest?  You’re got to replace him.  And I know who with.  Misty Knight said she wants to be the first woman Captain America.  I say let her have her shot.  She’d be three times more interesting than Sam and the publicity generated would push sales through the roof…for a few months at least.  After that Marvel could adopt the strategy that I proposed a few months back.  Namely, giving us multiple Captain Americas of different backgrounds to better represent America’s diverse population.  Like I said back then, every kid deserves a Captain America that looks like them.  I liked Sam better in the old green and orange, anyway.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion but I’m on the internet so I must know what I’m talking about.

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