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If you’re like me, there were a couple of bits of disappointing news in the world of the MCU this week. I’ll be brief, or as brief as a verbose Kittenn such as myself can be. So here we go.

Told ya so.

First, my heartfelt dream of seeing Katee Sackhoff don the red, blue and gold of Captain Marvel was pretty much dashed at the announcement at SDCC that Brie Larson had indeed been cast in the role. Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong. She might be perfect for the role. And after the requisite physical training that everybody in Marvel movies goes through (with the possible exception of Robert Downey Jr.), she might bulk up a bit and even look the part. The die has been cast, though, and in March 2019, we’ll get to see if Kevin Feige keeps his near-perfect streak of casting major Marvel characters, or stumbles as badly as Pixar when they decided that Cars was good enough to make a franchise. Time will tell. Also, it should be noted that, being the bighearted, wonderful woman she is, Katee herself sent her personal congratulations to Brie on landing the role in a Twitter message. Which, to me, points out that she was fully aware of the masses of fandom pulling for her to get the part. That’s being a good sport, as well as sending a subtle message that it’s Brie all the way. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you never get into a disagreement with Starbuck.

agent carter 03
You might want to reconsider your choices.

Next, some fairly devastating news for everyone who’s been working to revive the Agent Carter series on Netflix. The web entertainment juggernaut has decided to take a pass on the series. Their reasoning was that it was purely a business decision. They stated that, given the slate of original series they already have – too many to mention, but we can count all the Defenders characters’ individual shows among them – they couldn’t take on a series that, they said, not only they didn’t “own” as an original Marvel/Netflix property, but due to some rather murky doubletalk about international distribution of a cancelled series being added to their slate of Marvel shows with new episodes, they explained that “it was a business decision, not a creative one”.

I, for one, totally buy this explanation. I mean, just how well are Arrested Development, Fuller House and reruns of Agents of SHIELD doing both domestically and internationally, anyway? They’re probably running those shows at a net loss, too, and probably felt skittish about adding yet another money pit of a show that they didn’t wholly own distribution rights to.

There’s still hope, and the forces behind saving the show – aided and abetted by the actual stars of the show itself, up to and including Hayley Atwell – are working to see what other alternative outlets there are that they can try to convince to take on and revive the show. Personally, I hope they succeed, in whatever way they can. This show is too good and, as I mentioned before, Peggy is too much of a good role model for girls and young women to just let it die. Again, time will tell.

But again, disappointment reigns at the House of Kittenn. That sound you hear is me, crying in my catnip.

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