I just fell in love with Hayley Atwell… again

As I mentioned before in another post, ABC cancelled Agent Carter.


However, if the fans… AND the stars of the show, get their way, there just might be a Season Three. Recently, there was a petition circulating that at last count had over 115K signatures. And Hayley Atwell, who’s already committed to her new series Conviction, recently told attendees at MegaCon in Orlando that she would do “whatever it takes” to bring Agent Margaret Carter back for another season, stating she might even “shoot on the weekends” during production of Conviction.


Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark) has also stated this week that he and James D’Arcy (Edwin Jarvis) are totally on board with a revival, whether it be on ABC, or, at this point better yet, Netflix.


Personally, if they are successful in reviving the show, I’d rather see it on Netflix. I had to download torrents of episodes because I had arrived late at the Agent Carter party in the first season, and in order to catch up I had to binge-watch all eight episodes in one go, rather than wait a week for each one. We’ve gotten used to – and gotten spoiled by – Netflix putting up an entire series run all at once to watch at one’s leisure rather than waiting for small bites week-to-week, and a new season’s worth of Agent Carter episodes on that service would not only fit well with the fact that Netflix seems even more Marvel-friendly than Agent-Carter-silhouetteABC (which, like Marvel, is owned by Disney), but also, since Netflix is a paid subscriber service, possibly more money could be spent to create up to thirteen episodes (provided working the weekends doesn’t wear Ms. Atwell out), or to spend on costumes, set design and even higher production value to make the 1940’s  world in which the series takes place have even more verisimilitude and nostalgic ambiance.


I know it may be kind of a long shot here, and the fact that stars of shows getting behind revivals that don’t actually happen isn’t a new thing (Richard Hatch’s Battlestar Galactica, anyone?), but that was before subscription services like Netflix came out and mucked around with the status quo.


What Gus is sayin’ is, we might actually have a chance to see more of Peggy Carter, Jarvis, Stark, Sousa and the rest of the SSR gang, and that is very encouraging news.



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