DC Comics: Stillbirth

So DC comics is again relaunching their entire line this month with another “universe-wide” change that “will affect every character” in their stable.
Speaking of stable. DC Comics’ books, stories and all that haven’t been “stable” for years. They promise one thing, and deliver something else, and it’s either late, not what was promised or just… plain… bad. Ten years of this. 
Ten. Years.
And people still ask me, “did you see this-thing happen with Superman” or “did you read the latest–” NO I DID NOT. I have a ton of Superman toys and memorabilia at my desk at work. He is my favorite comic book character of all time, and is actually one of my personal heroes. And I haven’t read ONE book about him in ten years. Why?
I blame Dan DiDio, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. These guys should never have been placed in charge of the DC Line of Superheroes. You have one whose main experience was writing for television soap operas, one comic writer who started out pretty good but let the good press get to his head and got more self-important the longer he was allowed to keep writing, and one artist whose linework is great, but who should not have been placed in charge of anything, because (a) he ended up being an absentee manager, so he could draw stuff and (b) didn’t draw all that much stuff because he was one of the managers.
And Geoff Johns is writing the New-New-DC. And DiDio is still around to muck things up and micromanage every aspect of the DC universe.
As long as these overrated, overpaid, way-too-powerful megalomaniacal twits are in charge, I am not optimistic about this. And I won’t be. They’ll probably have Grant Morrison write everything Geoff Johns is too busy to do. Same old, same old, different costume designs.
I hear even the Wildstorm characters – you know, the ones they bought from Jim Lee and made him a co-publisher of DC for – aren’t even around, but Alan Moore’s Watchmen (and yes, as much as he distances himself form the original work and DC – rightly so – in general, they are his) apparently will be.
I am not optimistic. I am not happy. And I am still not going to buy or read a DC comic until Johns and DiDio are gone.
Bring back Jenette Kahn, let a real publisher show you how to run things. 
Hunter S Kittenn

Hunter S Kittenn

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2 Thoughts to “DC Comics: Stillbirth”

  1. Indeed, sir, the Watchmen do show up almost immediately as Johns tries to ape Moore’s writing style. It’s one of the unintentionally hilarious bits in DC Universe Rebirth. I am more hopeful than you about this latest reboot (shouldn’t they have titled it Earth on Infinite Crises?) They’ve got Rucka writing Wonder Woman. Downside, it can’t be long before Morrison shows up to spring some new madness on us. He’ll write two brilliant stories and then plop one out wherein Batman is a Transvestite thrill killer picking his feet in Blüdhaven.

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