Why So Serious? It’s Just The Holocaust.

Later this weekend, when I have calmed down and can be rational…when I am not running on pure, seething emotion…when I can be behave like an adult, I will write my official response to Marvel’s “creative” decision to turn Steve Rogers/Captain America into an agent of Hydra.  When I have regained my professional composure, I will not use phrases like “Fuckwitted, click-bait pushing pimps” nor will I throw around such disparaging slurs as “Soulless mercenary smut peddlers”.

I will, instead, deal only in the facts as I see them.  In the meantime, just let me say, fuck you Marvel Comics.  Fuck you in the puckered little hole where you used to keep your tiny, withered soul.  I hope Jack Kirby crawls out of his grave and kills you all with a fist full of 2B pencils.  May you choke on whatever money this earns you, you wretched whores.


As for you, gentle reader.  If you haven’t read Jessica Plummer’s excellent article on the subject, please go HERE and do so.  She is quite eloquent and drops far fewer f-bombs than I.


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