Harley Quinn: The Movie?

DC Entertainment is reportedly exploring the possibility of a spin-off movie for Harley Quinn. The idea for the film was proposed and is being promoted by actress Margot Robbie, who will appear as the character in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, and who would star in and produce the spin-off.

Harley Quinn was originally created by Paul Dini for Batman: The Animated Series, as sidekick, girlfriend and foil for the Joker. Her popularity grew so much that she was officially made comics-canon shortly after her debut in the series, and has been featured in many Batman-related projects such as the Arkham video games, various animated and live-action TV series, and even her own solo comic.

Although DC and Warner Bros. are being very tight-lipped about the possible project, word is that an actual screenplay is being developed, and that the writer is female. Other female DC characters, such as Batgirl or Birds of Prey, may also appear, but this has also not been confirmed.

While right now, nothing has been confirmed, both the success of the Deadpool movie, as well as the rise of a strong female audience for both comics and other comics-related properties, makes for a very good possibility of this film becoming a reality. Like Deadpool, Harley is a gleeful lunatic who is quick with violence punctuated with one-liners. And with the high interest in female-led comic book movies, such as the upcoming Wonder Woman from DC and Captain Marvel and possibly Black Widow from Marvel, this could be more than just a rumored addition to the DC cinematic franchise.

Time, and the box office for Suicide Squad, will tell.

(Some information for this article gathered from The Hollywood Reporter)

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One Thought to “Harley Quinn: The Movie?”

  1. This is kind of jumping the gun. Or the shark. Or the shark gun. Fans have yet to get a real look at the movie iteration of Harley. All we know for sure is that the origin they are going with robs Harley of her free will and, for me anyway, spoils much of the character’s appeal. Additionally, Margot Robbie is a lovely creature but she doesn’t have the muscle tone to sell the fight scenes.
    And, (and this might just be picking peanuts out of shit, mind you…but) her costume makes her look like Hooters has expanded its menu to include curb service blowjobs.

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