First, the good news… Supergirl Returns!

Ever since I wrote my epic take on the inaugural season of Supergirl, the show had been on the bubble, teetering between renewal and cancellation. Speculation, expectation and hopes went both ways: Some people (me, for one,because I cannot live without seeing Melissa Benoist‘s radiant take on the heroine) wanted the show renewed; some people wanted the show cancelled. Not enough bang for the $3 million-dollar-per-episode average expenditure, they said. Who wants to watch a show about a girl, anyway, even if she can fly? they asked. This is kids’ stuff, beneath the storied and adult programming at CBS (renowned for its wide-ranging stable of shows, like all of the CSI and NCIS clones, for example), they scoffed.

But Supergirl is a show that just would not die, and I’m happy to report that it has been picked up for a second season at The CW.

What does this mean? For starters, belt tightening. The CW is not in the same league (sorry) as CBS when it comes to budgeting shows, especially effects-heavy comic-book shows. But somehow, they manage to do pretty well with Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (they really have to work on that unwieldy title… sheesh). Top this off with a move from LA to Vancouver (where the other three shows are filmed), and the savings in the lower-cost-of-living world of Hollywood North could actually keep the show looking as good and as splashy as it did in the first season. (One side note about the abovementioned per-episode budget – I dare anyone to say that the money spent didn’t all show up on the screen. This show by a wide margin looked and felt as big and as high-flying as its heroine deserved.) My only reservations would be cuts in the cast list. With maybe the exception of Lucy Lane, this cast has no fat on it, no characters that the show could do well without. Keeping them all, I think, would be a high priority.

Also, there is talk that, now that Supergirl will be on the same network as those other shows, she could guest star on them in a shared-universe scenario, and vice versa. Grant Gustin‘s guest stint on one of the last episodes of Season One really worked well. His rapport and repartee with Melissa Benoist and the rest of the regular cast sparkled and snapped. He fit into this show just as well as in his own. With Benoist’s buoyant take on the Girl of Steel, it’d be interesting to see her interact with the various different atmospheres of the other superhero shows on The CW.

So… my prayers to Great Rao have been answered. Supergirl returns!

Hunter S Kittenn

Hunter S Kittenn

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  1. Greg Berlanti is trying to trick me into watching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow with this damn crossover event.

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