Captain America: Civil War Does Monster Numbers.

Captain America: Civil War had the fifth biggest domestic opening weekend in box office history earning $181.8 million this weekend.  For those at Warner Brothers’ keeping score, it beat Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by over 15.78 million dollars.  What am I saying?  No one at Warner Brothers’ keeps track of that sort of thing.  Nor did any one at WB brag that Bats and Supes would bury Cap.


Naw, no one at Warner Brothers’ cares about that sort of thing.  All they care about is delivering quality entertainment while showcasing the historic DC legacy.

How many times is Superman going to get buried this Spring?
How many times is Superman going to get buried this Spring?

Oh, yeah,  #3 and #4 were both Marvel films as well.  Not that anyone at Warner Brothers’ is keeping score.

Speaking of Warner Brothers’, filming on Justice League Part One started last month.  This week Ben Affleck suddenly became an executive producer on the film.  Is this because Warners has so much confidence in Ben or so little in Zack Snyder?  Or did Ben throw his weight around and demand to be put in charge before Zack could pilot another film into a bog of turdlike stench?  One hopes that Batfleck can somehow swoop in and save the day.  I don’t know about you, but I know I sure as hell don’t want to wait until the Ben Affleck directed Batman reboot movie to see a decent DC film.

Goddamn it, Zack!  Have you seen Captain America's numbers?!
Goddamn it, Zack! Have you seen Captain America’s numbers?!








In the meantime, Disney continues to shit money and the competition continues to sweat bullets.  Sony just might go under from the weight of their Ghostbusters reboot?/sequel?/whatever-the fuck-it-is.  From where I’m sitting, unless Suicide Squad surprises us all, this will be another Year Of The Mouse.


…So, when do advance tickets for Aquaman go on sale?

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