A Toast, “To Colton Haynes!”

It’s Kentucky Derby time here and the city has gone mad.  People are already drinking by 10 AM.  The bourbon is everywhere.  A local just posted this amazing image.  If anyone out there knows who to credit, please let us know.



Oh, also, Colton Haynes came out.  I’m shocked.  Are you shocked?

I wonder if that outfit is too hot to go clubbing in?
I wonder if that outfit is too hot to go clubbing in?


OK, no one is shocked.  Most of us suspected for some time.  ‘Cause we’re petty like that.  And it’s fun to be petty like that.

There are those who might say that it’s not as bold a move as it would have been a few years ago.  Fuck ’em.  Coming out is never easy.  There are still plenty of hate filled sourpusses out there just waiting to piss on someone else’s parade.  It’s 2016 and just being yourself can be career suicide.  I’m happy for Colton and proud of his candor.  It sounds like this has taken a weight off of his soul.  If he was living in shame, I hope he shrugs that shit off and moves on.  Now he can be his own hero…and for those who want to come out but haven’t found the courage yet, he can be their hero as well.  Not every hero wears a cape. Well done, sir!

Now, back to Derby

Drink up, R.T..

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