OK, last reminder.  RIFLE has a new CD out as of today.  The discs have just arrived and we will be selling them tonight at Wick’s.  There’s no cover for tonight’s show and we get to play a long set.  Actually, two decent length sets.  This is your chance to hear the Kraken caterwaul in person.  Come out, and enjoy your favorite adult beverage whilst grooving to the happening, Supra-70s sounds of RIFLE.  Make noise.  Do regrettable things.  Buy a CD.  Eat pizza!

Or, if you would rather stay in, you can just download the the entire CD (or individual songs) right here.


Ah, the sweet taste of shameless self promotion.

R T Kraken!

Prior to becoming a professional curmudgeon and the Scourge of the Northern seas, R.T. Kraken worked as an artist and a photographer. He has been an avid comic book fan since he was spawned as well as an insufferable know-it-all.
He also sings for the Supra-70s band, RIFLE.
Dig it.

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  1. Hunter S Kittenn

    Potrzebie??? *snort*

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