Marvel Teases Doctor Strange.

Last night, around midnight, instead of being in bed with my petite nymphomaniac of a wife, I was up doing something incredibly nerdy.  This thing I was busy working on was so mindbogglingly geeky, I’m not even going to tell you, gentle reader, what it was…

Alright, I admit it, I was creating a spreadsheet of the 46 types of wood used to make wands in the Harry Potter Universe.  I was converting them over to the Hero Game System (5th Edition).


Accept no substitute.
Accept no substitute.



Anyway, in the middle of my very cerebral pursuits, Marvel dropped a teaser trailer for Doctor Strange.


New York twisted into a Ditko-esque nightmare?  Tilda Swinton with a shaved head?  Benedict Cumberbatch in full on snark mode?  Suffice to say, I got a hard-on so fast and so intense, I nearly pulled a kidney loose.


Doctor Strange, Captain America and The Black Panther are the three Marvel heroes I have been most excited about seeing on the big screen.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier has, without a doubt, been Marvel’s best film, to date.  I have a feeling all three of these next offerings will be as good if not better. It’s a great time for an old comic book lover to be alive.

Look, the two of them have on more color than anyone in BvS or MoS combined.
Look, the two of them have on more color than anyone in BvS or MoS combined.

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