Glorious News…Unless it Isn’t.

This morning Warner Brothers’ announced that they were pushing back the release date for The Jungle Book and pushing forward the release date for Wonder Woman.  Now my rusty gears are turning.  Is this in response to the positive response WW got in Dawn of Justice?  Or is this panic over Suicide Squad?  The Jungle Book looks like a winner but its fx are clearly not finished yet.  Maybe that is the issue.  Still, can the visuals for Wonder Woman be further along?  Will we be getting a rough looking print all in service to thee almighty dollar?  I want to assume good things but the way WB is scrambling to repair Suicide Squad in time for its release does not fill me with an abundance of confidence.  Seriously, tens of millions of dollars of reshoots?  That doesn’t tell me they are confident in their product. 0ww

One thing is for sure.  Warner Brothers’ is not the only party out there has its fingers crossed over Wonder Woman to be great.  WB wants it WW to be a huge hit.  The rest of us just want it to be a film worthy of the Themyscirian Princess.  We’ve waited a long time for this.  At the very least, we hope it doesn’t suck green money balls they way Batman v Superman did.

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