This Ought to be Funny.

If news reports are true, then Warner Brother’s looks to be in full on panic mode about the future of DC’s Cinematic Universe (which I see as a separate entity from the DCEU, since the TV shows do not relate to the movies).   Sources close to Suicide Squad are reporting that the David Ayer helmed villain extravaganza is being sent back for major reshoots.  And by major, they’re talking in the 10s of millions of dollars.  All to add humor to the film and bring it more in line with the spirit of the recent Bohemian Rhapsody trailer.  Supposedly every joke in the film was actually featured in that trailer and now, with most of fandom, the critics and the bulk of the Western world howling for Zack Snyder’s blood, Warner Brothers’ has decided to swallow its bile flavored pride and try to lighten the tone.

I assume they were going for that dog-turd-drying-in-the-Summer-sun look.
I assume they were going for that dog-turd-drying-in-the-Summer-sun look.

How light they intend to go…or can in fact manage to go is still up in the air.  Don’t forget in the DCCU Superman is already a deceased murderer.  Any number of Robins are already dead.  Jimmy Olsen has had his brains blown out.   Batman is a mass murdering, armed hijacker and Gotham City is a smoking crater.  Oh yeah, and it’s 18 months after the battle with Zod and Superman never got around to cleaning up all those wildly dangerous alien spacecraft that are left dotting the landscape.

Harley looks like a roller waitress at a really slutty curb-service diner.
Harley looks like a roller waitress at a really slutty curb-service diner.

So yeah, let’s lighten the fuck up and have a party.  Is it just me or are the wheels already coming off the shitwagon that is the DCCU?

The obvious question is…why the hell wasn’t this film funny in the first place?  I don’t mean a straight up comedy like Deadpool (which they will no doubt try to emulate) but an action film with strong elements of dark comedy and darker protagonists?  Like a Tarrantino film?  Or even something like Joss Whedon’s Angel.  We don’t have to be rolling in the aisles but for pity’s sake, Captain Boomerang is on the team.  How is that not inherently funny?  He fights with fucking boomerangs.  He calls himself Captain Boomerang with a straight face.  Plus, if I’m not mistaken, I believe the Joker and Miss Quinn have been known to crack wise on occasion.  They’ve made a few sight gags over the years.  Even, God forbid, resorted to prop comedy a few times.

It’s becoming clearer by the day that Warner Brothers’ has literally no understanding of the fine DC properties they are wiping their ass with.  Somebody really needs a throat punch.

What is a Juggalo? I don't know, but I'm down with the clown...
What is a Juggalo? I don’t know, but I’m down with the clown…



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2 Thoughts to “This Ought to be Funny.”

  1. Hunter S Kittenn

    Um… it’s gotten to the point that even DC Comics doesn’t have an understanding of their properties. Currently waiting for the Zack Snyder-helmed, R-rated Starfire soft-porn that should be coming out soon. If they can find a woman who can stand having solid green contacts in her eyes while she’s getting reamed.

    1. Belladonna could do it. She’s a real trooper.

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