The Tick Returns. Fandom Wails in Despair.

Sweet Mother of Mouse Ears the sky is falling!  Barbarians are at the gate!  Philistines! Locusts!!  Smog!!!

By now you’ve probably heard the glorious news that The Tick is returning to the small screen.  After a 15 year hiatus, the Salmon of Justice will return to the airwaves via Amazon.  Already some fans or shitting their rompers in despair.  Why?  Tick Creator, Ben Edlund has said the show will be “(D)arker and more grounded.”

So, does this mean the Tick and Arthur will be running through a Snyderesque wasteland, snapping necks and gunning down all they meet?  Of course not, you ninnyhammers.  This just means that the tone of the show will more closely follow that of the original comic book.  The Tick was, if you think back, a mental patient.  He had some really dark and disturbing stories.  Yet still, he was an eternally cheerful (and perpetually stupid) optimist in a dark and unforgiving world.  That was a big part of his charm and a large part of what made him so funny.

Trust Ben Edlund. Joss Whedon did.
Trust Ben Edlund. Joss Whedon did.

As much as we all loved the Patrick Warburton show of 2001, it was based more on The Tick animated series than on the comic book title.  But if you’re still not convinced…if you still think the show is in the hands of Philistines, remember, Ben Edlund is The Tick‘s creator.  I think it’s safe to say he understands the character better than anyone else.  And he will be at the helm as chief writer.  If you still have doubts that he can balance grit and humor, just look at his work on Angel and Firefly.  Yeah, that Firefly.

This is going to be a hoot.


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  1. Hunter S Kittenn

    One can hope. I kinda lost faith when The Tick lifted the coffee dispenser and proclaimed it his “bitch”. The rest was downhill from there. Except for Lady Liberty. Rowr.

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