Here We Go Again.

So, now DC is going to reboot…again?  This should be interesting.  It should be but it probably won’t.  Geoff Johns is talking about how something classic has been lost.  Well, he should know,  he’s the addlebrained git that lost it.  He piloted DC’s creative ship onto the giant shitberg floating in the Sea of Meh.  Since then sales have plummeted and long time fans have done everything short of rally in the streets with torches and pitchforks.

Obviously, since Johns is the fuckwit that masterminded this epic disaster, it only makes sense that Dan Didio should put him in charge of writing the reboot.  Because reasons.  Scratch that.  Because never admit you made a mistake.  Never! Not even if you have to gnaw your own leg off to get free of the trap you’ve blundered into.

Meanwhile, in various interviews Johns points out how everything will be different while simultaneously confessing that he doesn’t intend to change anything.  Some sources say that the changes (if any actually are forthcoming) will be to appease long time readers and fanboys.  Other sources say the changes will be to bring the book titles more in line with DC’s TV shows and movies.  And then other folks who claim to be in the know say that the changes will make the books clones of the movies AND the TV shows.

Of course, the two mediums are at total odds with each other so how they intend to pull off that feat is a mystery we can’t yet fathom.  If they fail they are going to break a lot of hearts and if they succeed they are going to cost me a lot of money.  Honestly, though, it would be worth it to have DC titles I could enjoy again.

We all have the same tailor. His name is Geoff.
We all have the same tailor. His name is Geoff.

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  1. Hunter S Kittenn

    I hear the pre-DiDio “screw you 52”, red shorts on the outside, Crisis-era Superman is going to be back.

    So there’s that.

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